Components Of Computer Based Information System

Components Of Computer Based Information System: Computer is an electronic computing machine used for adding, subtracting or multiplying work through an interaction of hardware and software. Hardware refers to the parts of a computer that you simply can see and touch. These include CPU, monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer, etc.
The most important piece of hardware is that the central processing unit CPU that contains a small rectangular chip called microprocessor. It is the “brain” of computer the part that translates instructions and performs calculations.
Computer is very important part in Students Life And Education.

Components Of Computer Based Information System

Importance Of Computer In Daily Life :-

Computer play a crucial role in our lifestyle . In offices, computers are used for preparing letters, documents and reports. In hotels, computers are used for advance booking of rooms, preparing bills and providing enquiry services. In railways, computer are used for rail reservations, printing of tickets and presentation of reservation chart. Doctor use computer for diagnosing illness and treatment of diseases.
Architecture use them for building designing and city planning. In meteorology department, computers used for weather forecasting. Now usual desktop computer have been replaced by laptop to great extent. Laptop are more compact and hence are portable. Components Of Computer Based Information System

Define (CBIS):-

There are five parts that has got to close so as to supply . A computer – based information system (CBIS). These are called the components of information technology. Now we discuss these components briefly.

Components :-

                      Hardware, software, data, procedures and people are the types of components.

  • Hardware:-

             The term hardware refers to machinery. This includes the central processing unit (CPU), and every one of its support equipment. Among the support equipment are input and output devices, storage devices and communication devices.

  • Software :-

                The term software refers to computers programs and manuals that support them. Computer programs are machine readable instruction that direct the circuitry within he hardware parts of CBIS to provide useful information from data. Programs are generally stored on some input and output medium, often a disk or tape.

  • Data:-

         Data are facts and figures that are employed by programs to supply useful information. It may be in the form of text, graphic or figures that can be recorded and that have specific meaning. Like programs, data are generally stored in computer readable form on disk or tape until the pc needs them.

  • Procedures :-

             These are set of instructions and rules to style and use data system . These are written in manuals and documents to be used . These rules or methods may change from time to time. The information system must be flexible to include these changes. Components Of Computer Based Information System

  • People :-

                             Every CBIS needs people if it’s to be useful influence the success or failure of data systems. People design and operate the software, they feed input data , build the hardware for the graceful running of any CBIS. People write the procedure and it is ultimately people who determine the success or failure of a CBIS.

Information Storage Devices :-

                    A storage device is designed to store information in computer. Storage devices work on different principles using electronics, magnetism and laser Technology And Communication.

Primary Memory :-

                           It is supported electronics and consists of integrated circuits. It consists of two part ;Read Only memory ( ROM) which starts the computer and random access memory ( RAM), which is used in computer as temporary memory. RAM vanishes when the computer is switched off.

Secondary Storage Devices :-

                          The data storage device are generally the secondary memory of the computer. It is wont to store the info permanently within the computer. When we open a program data is moved from the auxiliary storage into the first storage. The auxiliary storage devices are audio video cassettes and hard disc etc.

Magnetic Disk :-

                           There are differing types of magnetic disks coated with a layer of some magnetic material. The read write head of disks are almost like the record replay head on a tape machine . It magnetizes parts of the surface to record information. The difference is that a disk may be a digital medium binary numbers are written and skim . A diskette may be a small magnetically sensitive, flexible plastic wafer housed in plastic case. It is coated with a magnetic oxide almost like the fabric wont to coat cassettes and video tapes. Most personal computers include a minimum of one disc drive that permits the pc to write down it and skim from diskette . Components Of Computer Based Information System

Hard Disk :-

                           Most users reply on hard disks as their primary storage devices. A hard disk may be a rigid, magnetically sensitive disk that spin rapidly and continuously inside the pc chassis or during a separate box connected to computer housing. This type of hard disc isn’t removed by the user. A typical hard disk consists of several platter, each accessed via a read and write head on a move able.

Compact Disk :-

                            This is based on laser technology. It is molded plastic disc on which digital data is the form of microscopic reflecting and non reflecting spots which are called “pits” and “lands” respectively. Pits are the spiral tracks encoded on the highest surface of CD and lands are the areas between Pits. A fine laser beam scan the surface of rotating disk to read the data.

Flash Drive:-

                       It is also an electronic based device and consists of knowledge storage ICs. A flash drive is small storage device that can be used to transport files from one computer to another. They are slightly larger than a stick of gum. Yet many of these devices can carry all your homework for entire year! We can keep one on a key chain, carry it around our neck, attach it to our book bag.
A flash drive is easy to use. Once we have created a paper or other work, we can simply plug our flash drive in to a USB port. We must make a backup of our created paper or project on our flash drive and reserve it break away our computer.


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