Technology and Communication Benefits in Our Life

             Technology and Communication: Information and communication technology is defined because the scientific methods and means to store process and transmit vast amounts of data in seconds with the assistance of electronic requirements.

Technology and Communication


               In communication terminology, processed data is call information. Electronic devices processes the data and convert it into useful information. This information is transmitted to distant places in the form of sound, pictures and computerized data.

Information and communication technology (ICT) is essentially an electronic based system of data transmission, reception, processing and retrieval. ICT is blend of two fields: information technology and telecommunication. The two terms are defined as follows:

The methodology used to store information, to rearrange it for correct use and to speak it to others is named information technology.

The method that’s wont to communicate information to faraway places instantly is named telecommunication. Technology and Communication

Technology and communication is also important in Students Life and Education.

Electrical Signal through Wires:-

           Alexander Graham Bell in 1876 made a simple telephone model to too send voice in the form of Electrical Signal from one place to another. It consists of a metal reed, and electric coil, and a vibrating diaphragm. Modern telephone also uses diaphragm to turn voices into electrical signal that are transmitted over phone lines. Telephone systems has two parts: the mouthpieces and the earpiece.

The mouthpiece and receiver contain carbon granules and a skinny metal diaphragm. When we speak into the mouthpiece the sound vibration also vibrate the diaphragm. A slight variation of diaphragm compresses the carbon and thus an electronically current can flow through the wire.

Electrical Signal through Wires

This process is reversed at the other end of the line by the receiver. The electrical current flowing through an electromagnet in the receiver produces a very magnetic field. This magnetic flux attracts the skinny metal diaphragm within the receiver, causing it to vibrate. This vibration of the diaphragm produces sound waves.

Radio Waves through Space:-

                  Electrical Signals representing information from a microphone, a TV camera, or a computer can be sent from one place to another place using either cables or radio waves. Information within the sort of audio (AF) signals could also be transmitted directly by cable. However, in order to send information over a long distances, it has to be superimposed on electromagnetic waves.

Sound waves produced at the station are become electrical signals through microphone. These electric signals are then fed into the transmission antenna which consists of two metal rods. Signals falling on the transmission antenna oscillate the charges which then emit these electrical signals in the form of electromagnetic radio waves. Technology and Communication

At the receiving end, the receiver selected and amplifies the modulated signal. The demodulator then extracts the information signal and delivers it to the receptor. Radio transmission and receiving system is shown in.


         The method used to communicate with more than one person is called communication.

Like telephone, Cell phone, Fax machine etc.

Fax Machine:-

                         Tele facsimile’s or fax machine are a must for many businesses around the world. A fax machine basically scans a page to convert its text and graphics in to electronic signals and transmits it to a different fax machine through telephone line. The receiving machine converts the signals and use a printer to create the copy of the message that was sent.

Cell phones:-

                      Radio technology is applied in mobile phone. It is a types of radio having two way communications. A cell phone carries a radio transmitter and a receiver inside it. It sends and receives the message in form of radio waves.

Cell phone network system consists of cells and base stations and mobile switching center stations set up at a particular geographical location. The geographical area covered by a single station is known as a cell. The group of cells forms a cluster. All BSs within a cluster are connected to a MSC using land line.

Cell phones

The MSC stores information about the subscribers located within the cluster and id liable for directing calls to them. When caller calls another cellphone, sound waves of the caller are converted in to radio waves signal.

Photo Phone:-

                   Modern version of photo phone or video phone is contrary to common telephone, Users can see the picture of each other. By using the photo and phone number of our friends or family members on this telephone, we can communicate with our relatives or friends on photo phone with the physical appearance of each other. Components of Computer Based Information System (CBIS)

Light Signal through Optical Fiber:-

                        Waves of visible light have a much higher frequency than that of radio waves. This means, rate of sending information with light beams is larger than that with radio waves or microwaves. A optical fiber has been used as transmission channels for this purpose. An optical fiber with a coating of lower refractive index is a thin stand of high quality glass that absorbs very little light. An optical fiber cable is a bundle of glass fibers with thickness of a human hair.

Define Microwave:-

                            Microwaves are digital and optical fiber technologies are combined to give us today’s telecommunication system. Microwaves travel in straight lines through the space and provides a really strong signal. We can connect to the other side of the world side of the world in milliseconds. Communication satellites including INTELSAT and SATCOM are geostationary satellites that stay over the same position above the earth surface and receive and transmit digital signals across the world.


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