Value Of Games And Sports

                   Games and sports are important part our life. That’s why mast of the doctors advise us to have yoga, exercise, playing game and sports to be fit. We mainly play various games and sports our childhood and Students life. We play indoor and out door games.

In our daily life we spend most of our time within workplace, then go to sleep. When we don’t play games and sports, we really don’t know how badly we are doing for our health.


                         Everybody has heard of the proverb a sound mind lives in a sound body. Game and sports perform a twofold function. They build up our body and keep us in sound health without games life would be dull and unpleasant.

Types Of Games:-

                               Games are of different kinds. There are indoor game like billiards, table tennis, chess etc. Major games like football, hockey, cricket, volleyball and badminton need open play grounds. They are played out of doors. Then there are Olympics games. Race, high jump, long jump etc. are main sport.


                    Our body is like a machine. A machine can’t work without oiling. In the same way our body can’t work properly without exercise, games and sports. Sports gives us energy and strength. Sports play a very important role in our life. Sports help in overall development of children. A weak and sick students can’t study properly. When students remain physically fit, they can achieve more in studies. It is rightly said that “All work and no play makes jack and dull boy” games and sports make us healthy and fit for work.

Health is the basis of success. Without health we have no charm in life. Sports bring discipline in life. Sports also tech us to deal with success and failure. Teachers and parents should also encourage children to participate in sports.


                        The uses of games and sports are many. They are useful in two ways. First, they promote physical health. Second, they give pleasure. A healthy man becomes efficient in work and optimistic in outlook. Games infuse in us a spirit of sportsmanship. A sportsman believes in honesty, for play and tolerance. He accepts his defeat smilingly.

And if he win, he is not proud. Sports also inculcate discipline, obedience and team-spirit. Qualities like patience, courage and cool headedness also develop. Thud games and sports have a great educative value. They build a strong character also.


                                 But games and sports should not become the be-all and end-all of the students. They should not be pursued at the cost of studies. Often a sportsman wastes too much time on them and fails in his examination. Moreover, playing a game rashly often lead to bad blood and quarrel. It should be avoided.


                      Games and sports are very useful in keeping the students busy and in developing their personalities. They create good will and friendliness.

Different Between Sports and Games:-

                      Sports                                                             Games

  1. It involves individual skills.                                1. Collective responsibility of a team.
  2. Based on physical energy.                                  2. Game is based on mental Strength.
  3. Based on individual performance.                   3. It relies on strategy.


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